MaryAnn James

MaryAnn refers to her works as “creations.” She is inspired by her values and life experiences. Her “creations” have a narrative feel, depicting people and places that are part of her story.

Mary Ann’s process, however, is not guided by narrative, but rather by an ambition to create. As a result of this, her subjects aren’t rendered as two-dimensional images, but intended to exist in their own right, in a two-dimensional world. In effect, her imaginative nature inevitably imbues the world she creates with a narrative life. This distinction in her creative practice is important.

Mary Ann has a highly original way of translating her perception of reference images onto paper, often distorting the scale of objects and editing out details that don’t fit her vision. In the world she creates, scale is an expressive choice; each form is given whatever space it needs to exist and relate to the world it occupies. Ultimately, in her work she creates people and things to stage a still, timeless moment that’s simple, complete, and good.