Community Programming

In order to create an inclusive arts community, The Canvas strives to provide a broad range of visual arts programming that serves many different people in the community.  This includes art classes across a wide range of mediums, including drawing, painting, ceramics, glass, and jewelry design.  People new to the arts or those interested in learning a new medium are always encouraged to try our classes.  A benefit of taking classes at the Canvas, especially for those new to the subject, is that all materials and tools are provided – which means you don’t have to set up a whole jewelry making studio just to see if you like the medium.

Experienced artists are also encouraged to sign up for Canvas classes.  We strive to provide quality instruction, and work with teachers to ensure that classes are structured in a way that new and experienced artists are able to develop skills in within the class.

Master artists are also encouraged to reach out to Canvas staff and find out about instruction opportunities.  We are always seeking qualified instructors across a wide range of mediums, and see the arts instruction opportunities as just another way that the Canvas supports the local arts community.