Avery Skaggs

Avery was born and raised in Juneau, Alaska, and began exploring paint as soon as he could sit upright. Since joining the Canvas in 2009, he has explored many mediums, including paint, glass, monoprinting, and ceramics. His style has evolved and has become more dynamic over the years. Avery’s work captures the expression of his movement through different mediums. Each piece engages his energy, which is at times close and contained with small hand gestures, and at other times broad and reaching, sweeping across the canvas. The final outcome is a representation of his physical presence captured over the course of days and months of work.

“When Avery paints he is totally in the present. He is not concerned with what he just did; he is not planning his next step. Avery’s creative process, and his final product, is a reminder to me to live in the moment.” Lou Auger- Juneau, Alaska

In the past six years, Avery has had two solo shows, Synergy and Synergy II and has shown in many group exhibits, at the Alaska State Museum, the Canvas, and the Juneau Arts and Culture Center.

“Kinetic” at the Juneau-Douglas City Museum

“Synergy II” at the JAHC Gallery

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