Welcome to The Canvas blog. The Canvas is an art studio that offers community classes in various art forms. We like to say that we support artists of all abilities. Indeed, our primary focus is to give artists who experience disabilities a conduit through which they can express their own vision through a wide array of mediums.

My name is Corey Gilmore and I am privileged to be in a unique position. In addition to being the program assistant on Saturdays, I am also one of the artists utilizing the resources of The Canvas.

I have been painting for many years. I am influenced by such artists as Michelangelo, Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. These are of course, art Masters but like a lot of people, my first exposure to painting wasn’t through the “classic” artists such as da Vinci but instead, through two instructional series broadcast on PBS. One was called “The Magic of Oil Painting”. The other, which is probably better known to most people is of course, “The Joy of Painting”. Although I don’t work with oil paint as a general rule, I appreciate the methodology taught in these two shows.

Just as they introduce painting to a wider audience, so too do I seek to further broaden the appeal of visual centric painting by making it accessible to those with visual impairments. Think about it for a moment: if you are painting, you are automatically assuming your audience members have the ability to see. But what if you could make it possible to feel the rocky texture of the mountains in a painting? What if you could experience the slickness of an ice covered glacier? What if you could do this while still adhering to known painting techniques? That is the goal of my work, and the instructors at The Canvas assist me in developing a method that delivers on this vision. What’s thrilling for me is that I am just one of many artists here at The Canvas.

The exhibit this month is by Ricky Tagaban, a Tlingit artist who is a Juneau local. He is a master weaver, who brings a unique “modern” feel to his work while still using traditional methods. Come check it out!